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Addressing marine plastics: A systemic approach
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From cigarette butts and plastic packaging to microfibers arising from artificial textiles, the issue of plastics and microplastics polluting the world’s oceans is gaining global prominence. This is a large and complex environmental and social problem that requires a collaborative response. Raising awareness of and seeking ways to address this environmental challenge is fast emerging as one of the key issues of our time.This report takes stock of the extent of knowledge on plastics in the marine environment.1 It provides a highlevel summary of the available literature on the key sources and locations of these plastics, along with an analysis of the problem products and polymers making up marine plastics and microplastics. It also looks at what is currently being done to address the problem of marine plastics and summarises existing policy responses in order to lay the groundwork for future action.
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  • Title: Addressing marine plastics: A systemic approach
  • Date: 19 Aug 2019
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