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Brazilian National Action Plan on Marine Litter
  • Brazilian Action Plan

The Plan establishes 5 main objectives:

6 Implementation Axes:

The Plan is under the “Urban Environmental Agenda” of the Federal Government and is largely connected to the National Waste Management Policy (PNRS), with a strong focus in increasing the waste management in coastal cities (276 municipalities along the cost of 8.500km).

The Plan contemplates 30 actions - short, medium and long-term actions – distributed under the 6 axes.

There is little mention to plastics in the text (one of “single-use plastics”) and only one action addressing directly the issue: “To engage productive sectors to explore the possibility of sectorial pacts aiming the reducing of the use of non-biodegradable and non-recyclable materials, and the reducing of plastic use” (Action 22). Under the Research and Innovation Axis, there’s one action on “burning marine plastics to generate fuel or energy”.

In the other hand, there are actions aiming the development of systems to pay for discarded and abandoned fishing gear, and communication and education activities. Our project “Clean Rivers for Clean Seas”, in the Amazon river, was contemplated as one of the Plan’s actions, and we could offer assistance to develop content to or educational tools (the MOOC, for instance).

The Federal Government is considering the National Plan as one of the positive agendas and the Minister said that there is BRL 40 million available to its implementation. The Ministry of Environment is leading the Plan and released also a ‘data bank’ available at here 

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  • Title: Brazilian National Action Plan on Marine Litter
  • Date: 16 Sep 2019
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