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North-East Atlantic Action Plan

The main objectives of the RAP are to:

• Prevent and reduce marine litter pollution in the North-East Atlantic and its impact on marine organisms, habitats, public health and safety and reduce the socioeconomic costs it causes;

• Remove litter from the marine environment where practical and feasible;

• Enhance knowledge and awareness on marine litter;

• Support Contracting Parties in the development, implementation and coordination of their programmes for litter reduction, including those for the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

• Develop management approaches to marine litter that are consistent with accepted international approaches

The role of the RAP ML is to:

• Coordinate work to improve the evidence base on the impacts of litter on the marine environment;

• Establish a range of measures and actions, identifying gaps and opportunities where OSPAR can add value through its marine focus. This should take into account existing activities;

• Be a framework under which Contracting Parties can identify where a regional approach can add value to the actions of individual Contracting Parties, including in relation to their implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, where appropriate;

• Promote reporting by Contracting Parties to OSPAR regarding their progress and cooperation in a manner consistent with obligations under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, where appropriate.

  • Title: Prevention and Management of Marine Litter in the North-East Atlantic (OSPAR)
  • Date: 02 Aug 2019
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