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Pacific (SPREP) Action Plan

This Action Plan sets out the policy context and key actions to minimise marine litter across the Pacific Island Countries and Territories. The scope of the Action Plan is intentionally focused on the Pacific island Countries and Territories. It does not include mechanisms to drive change beyond the region’s capacity. The transboundary nature of marine litter brings to the fore that “waste is everyone’s problem and everyone’s responsibility”.

The Pacific is the world’s largest ocean, covering nearly one third of the Earth’s surface. About 30,000 islands of varied shape and size lie across this vast expanse. For thousands of years, the people of the Pacific region have relied on rich natural resources for their survival. The marine environment sustains them, and they depend on it for food, transport, traditional practices and economic opportunity.

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  • Title: Pacific Regional Action Plan
  • Date: 05 Aug 2019
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