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Wider Caribbean Action Plan
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The Regional Action Plan for Marine Litter (RAPMaLi ) for the Wider Caribbean Region was originally developed in 2007 as a project under the directive of the United Nations Environment Programme (through its Regional Seas Program) in response to growing global concerns of litter accumulation in our oceans. The Caribbean Regional Coordinating Unit of UNEP undertook the task of compiling and developing the RAPMaLi.

The regional approach of this project promotes problem solving at the national and local levels, recognizing that unique regional characteristics shape a variety of solutions to this endemic problem. A testament to the success of this approach is evidenced in the increased level in participation of 20 countries in 2014, up from 14 countries included in the original report.

The RAPMaLi action plan has since been implemented through selected pilot projects in Guyana, Barbados and Saint Lucia

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  • Title: Marine Litter Management (RAPMaLi) for the Wider Caribbean Region
  • Date: 18 Aug 2019
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